Spin To Win Plastic Beaded Pen

Spin To Win Plastic Beaded Pen

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Spin To Win Plastic Beaded Pen on TikTok Live

Everyone is a winner in this game!

This will be played during TikTok Live

Friday and/or Saturday Evenings at 9:00 PM Est

We will play in the order that the orders are placed

So if you purchase a Spot before the Live starts you will be in the start of the line up

Wheel will have 10 Spots of which 9 will have a pen attached to it and then there will be one free spot

If you land on the free spot you get the choice of whatever plastic pen you want 

When you land on a pen you have an option to pass. If you pass then I will have a rack of 6 pens on the side which you will be allowed to choose from.

Each time a spot is landed on and that pen is claimed then we will replace that spot with another pen

This will be lots of Fun! Hope you all join in 


*All Sales Final*

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

They are amazing!! Love them!

Brenda Allen
fun had by all

. spin to win is a fun filled game a rush to get the pen you want is always the fun part. Ashley thank you for always making us happy

Anastasia Hendley

I have ordered several pens and I just love all of them. Thank you for making them.

Dalia Muniz
Spin To win

I love Ashley’s spin to win they are so fun and she always has cute pens to choose from.

Kimberly Harris

I absolutely love Ashley and how amazing she is!! Her products are amazing and she is such a great person